Campus Visitation

  • All visitors are required to complete health screenings and enter at the designated entry. The entry station will be staffed throughout the day by a trained staff member. If the check is successful, that person will be directed to the designated location. 

    In general:

    • On campus visitation is discouraged unless necessary
    • Drive through procedures are encouraged for distribution of materials
    • Doorbells will be used where installed to notify office staff of visitor arrivals
    • Vendors are encouraged to make appointments and arrange access with Operations
    • Conferences with families should be conducted through Zoom or Google Meet
    • Sign in and out of our visitor log in the main office

    Below are the common visitor scenarios:

    • Student picking up learning materials in-person will follow the directional map to the designated area to pick up materials (student provided wristband after successful screening)
    • Parent/guardian picking up learning materials - same as above.
    • Student picking up work permit, pictures, or other similar item will be directed to the Main Office (health screening staff member will radio Main Office); Main Office staff member to greet at the door (Main Office doors to be kept locked regularly)
    • Member of the public picking up a transcript - same as student picking up work permit, pictures, etc.
    • Deliveries (outside vendors - e.g. UPS, USPS) - if entrance is necessary, the driver will complete health screening. If successful, the driver will place items in designated hallways. Delivery drivers for Operations and Nutrition departments will be health screened by the department leads before drop-offs. 

    Campus Hours - The Main Office will be open at selected times throughout the week for the public. Staff members are expected to leave campus by 5:30 pm to allow for sufficient sanitization time. Students are expected to exit campus after their last class, except those engaged in supervised extracurricular activities.