Face Coverings and Other Essential Protective Gear

  • Face Coverings: 

    • Students and staff are required to bring and wear personal face coverings to all SMUHSD campuses.
    • Choose a mask that covers your nose and mouth, goes under your chin, and fits snugly against the sides of your face.
    • Wash your hands before putting on a mask.
      • Do not touch the mask when wearing it.
    • Face coverings will be required to be worn by all at all times.
    • Extra face coverings will be available when needed or requested.
    • Accommodations may be available for those with medical conditions or behavioral concerns with alternative protective wear. 
    • School branded face coverings will be distributed to staff and students when on site during the initial return phase to campus as desired.  Students were issued branded face coverings in our January distribution event.
    • Those using cloth face coverings will be instructed to wash them daily. 

    Essential protective equipment:

    • Plexiglass shields have been installed at clerical stations and other desks as needed, such as teacher stations.
    • Protective suits available for custodial and health staff 
    • Gloves available for cleaning in classrooms
    • Signage highlighting the four pillars have been posted throughout campus in English, Spanish, and Mandarin:
      • Hand hygiene
      • Face coverings
      • Six foot distancing
      • Directional travel arrows
      • Virus prevention 
      • Cleaning and disinfecting

    Students and staff face covering use will be monitored by staff and administration. Students who violate face covering requirements will be referred to site administration for follow-up. Progressive discipline will be followed using COVID-19 Expectations and Responses.