Physical Distancing

  • Physical Distancing Expectations

    • All students and staff will be required to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of physical distancing at all times. This includes all non-instructional areas.
    • When physical distancing is not possible other supplemental measures of safety will be assessed and offered as identified.

    Learning Spaces / Desks:

    • Desks will be placed 6’-14’ apart to allow for adult staff to walk between students and still maintain physical distancing requirements.
    • Desks will be numbered for student assignment.
    • Students are required to use the same assigned desk every day. 
      • This will support attendance taking.
      • This will allow the school the opportunity to implement contact tracing. 

    Student Restrooms:

    • Restroom physical spacing will be followed including disabling every other stall, urinal, and sink. 
    • All restrooms will be cleaned/disinfected between each class period or hourly.
    • All touch points will be disinfected. 
    • One to two students at a time in each restroom determined by size of restroom.