Health Screenings for Students and Staff

  • Screening stations will include both a temperature check and health screening, per SMUHSD protocols. Temperature checks will be completed via contactless thermometers or through infrared scanning. Health screening questions will either be completed by students in advance using the LiveSafe App link or by responding to the questions verbally upon arrival. Staff and students who develop symptoms during the day must report to the isolation tent/location or health office.

    The following capacities will be used to determine how many and which screening stations will be utilized:

    • Student and staff arrivals are staggered between 7am-9am
    • 200 or less staff/students on campus daily - one screening station to the left of the health office
    • 200 - 300 staff/students on campus daily - two screening stations one dedicated for students - upper entrance, one dedicated staff
    • 300 or more staff/students on campus daily - three screening stations two for students, one staff

    When all three entrances are utilized, students will enter nearest their 1st period class (given we expect specific alpha breakdowns each day). Students who have class in the A, C, D, or Music Building will enter through the Upper Entrance. Students who have their first class in the H Building, Gym, or Foods will enter through the Lower Entrance. Staff will enter through the dedicated staff entrance/exit each day.

    At each screening station, sanitation materials will be provided. Staff and students will be asked to utilize hand sanitizer each time they enter campus. In addition, disposable face coverings will be placed at each station, in the case that one is needed for student/staff. Finally, headphones will be placed at each screening location for student pick-up/use, as needed. Once through the screening, staff/students will follow directional maps/signage to get to their designated location.