Designated Brunch/Lunch Areas/Times

  • Students: 

    Students will eat brunch and lunch outside in designated areas. Each designated area will ensure physical distancing of at least six feet between students while also ensuring students do not face one another. Two lunch carts and the cafeteria service window will be used to provide food service in order to spread students out. Markers will be placed for lines to ensure physical distancing while students wait to pick up their meal. One dedicated staff member will be designated to each of the following locations to supervise brunch/lunch (Campus Safety Specialists, Dean, administrative team). The following areas will be utilized for brunch/lunch:

    • Upper Spirit Court
    • Lower Spirit Court
    • H Courtyard


    Office staff lunches will be staggered. When available and desired, staff will eat lunch in their designated workspace (if the door can be closed) or will be encouraged to eat outside, weather permitting. In addition, A303 has been designated as an indoor lunch area, where up to one staff member can eat inside at a time. The following learning schedules will be utilized to stagger brunch/lunch times:


    Break and Lunch Protocols

    At Break & Lunch - Students:

    • Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth at all times when not actively eating/drinking.
    • Maintain a six foot  minimum physical distance at all times.
    • Stretch break OUTSIDE - vacate the indoor spaces during breaks and lunches to allow for proper airflow.
    • Access to alternate outdoor spaces delineated for their pod area:
    • Designated picnic benches / other outdoor seating
    • Designated grassy spaces
    • Use of bathrooms 
    • Use of Sanitation Station / Handwashing - after break
    • In some phases of our bell schedule, classes will be staggered to halve the number of students out at lunch the same time.


    At Break & Lunch - Classified & Administrative Staff:

    • Classified staff will be assigned to strategic locations in Center Court to support students in following safety protocols. 
    • Administrators will be out on campus to support students in following safety protocols.
    • Teachers are also asked to assist with clearing the hallways at break only; all teachers will have their guaranteed 30-minute duty-free lunch