Entrance, Egress, and Movement within the School

  • San Mateo High School Campus Map


    Entrance will be available at each of the three screening stations identified above and described below (one staff, two students). 


    For egress, all gates will be closed (to prevent entry), but the canes will be pulled up to allow emergency exit in all locations. Though all exterior gates will be available for egress, only the three specified exits above will be marked and encouraged for use. Both parking lots will be available for staff/student parking. Once the number of staff/students exceed 200, the upper student screening area will be open. 

    Paths of Travel and Movement

    Students and staff will follow paths of travel as identified on the above campus map. Signage and markings have been placed on campus to reinforce these movement patterns, in addition to center stripes on the ground where there are areas in which two-directional traffic exists (examples below).

    San Mateo High School Floor Plan Upper Level