Health Screenings for Students and Staff

  • SMHS would use two Screening stations at all times if students were to be on campus.  If staff are the only people on campus, we would continue to use one station inside by the attendance office. Using our LiveSafe daily health questionnaire link and temperature check. Staff and students who develop symptoms during the day must report to the isolation tent/location or health office.   

    Locations are dependent on the location of the first class that would be attended by the student.  

    For students with their first class in Biotech, Art Building, M Building, E Building and C wing - screening location would be located in the QUAD area in the courtyard close to Biotech.

    For students with their first class in the A, B, Main Gym, and Dance the screening location would be by attendance. 

    Classroom to use: A157, A160, A161, A162, A163, A200, A202, A203, A204, A205

    San Mateo High Screening Locations Map