Campus Supervision

  • Supervision in the A building would require an additional six CSS members to supervise various hallways, up to 10-12 classrooms, two bathrooms, and various entry and exit doors for the entire time students are on campus.  CSS full time staff would assist with screening stations as well as passing period, ingress, egress, hallways, health office support, attendance, visitors, guests, and other various support.  This additional staffing is for a group of 50-60 students to come back on campus in classrooms.   

    Two Campus Safety Specialists will be on campus each day to supervise staff and students. Each will be trained on the practices included within this reopening plan to ensure that they can successfully support health and safety practices. Additional Campus Safety Specialists may be necessary if the number of staff and students on campus exceeds 300 people. These additional staff members would also need professional development and training.  During opening, transition, and closing periods, the Dean and members of the administrative team will provide additional support and supervision. Screening stations will be staffed daily (additional staff may be necessary).

    During class periods, teachers will be responsible for the supervision of those students who are enrolled in their class. Where a teacher receives an accommodation to continue working from home, the school district will provide a substitute teacher to supervise the class, while students engage in virtual learning within the classroom.  Substitute teachers would also need professional development and training on safety protocol for being on site.  

    San Mateo High Campus Supervision Map