Cohorting and Phases for Return

  • In-Person Phase 1: 

    Zoom only - Teachers and students not on campus 

    In-Person Phase 2:

    Will bring back 25% of students in Cohorts A, B, C, D and each cohort will be assigned 1 day on campus. Our cohort days will have up to 30 students total per day. In Phase 2, students will be in classes with 3-4 students and 1 teacher for each of the 6 periods per day. 

      • Staff: Staff members on campus daily 50%
      • Students: Less than 20% of total enrollment
      • Cohorting: Stable groups

    In-Person Phase 3

    Phase 2 cohorts will increase to 2 days per week  Mon-Wed (A&C) / Tue-Thurs (B&D) Class size will increase to 8-10 students. See Phases for Return Description in appendix for detail.

      • Staff:  Staff members on campus daily 100% 
      • Students: :Less than 30% of total enrollment
      • Cohorting: Stable groups 


    • Teachers, Classified and Administration will be on campus on their assigned days.
    • A team of campus supervisors will support each learning pod or cohort.
    • The number of campus supervisors will be based upon the number of students allowed to be on campus.
    • Additional staffing will be required to support classes where teachers are teaching from home.  This may include substitute teachers.