Designated Brunch/Lunch Areas/Times

    • All Peninsula High School students will eat their snacks in their designated classroom/area.
    • All students and staff will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after eating snack/lunch.
    • Students must maintain 6-foot distance when utilizing exercise spaces and will be limited to pre-designated spaces.
    • Football, Basketball, and Soccer will not be permitted until conditions have significantly improved.

    Lunchtime Routines: If weather is raining or unsafe for students to be outdoors)

    • All students will eat lunch in their designated classroom. 
    • All students and staff wash their hands before and after eating lunch.
    • Faculty and staff use the provided disinfectant to thoroughly clean classroom desks after
    • Students will be supervised by administration, health aide, and campus aide to take off their face coverings for lunch and once finished eating will be asked to put their face covering back on.
    • Sharing of food will be prohibited. 

    Break and Lunch Protocols

    At Break & Lunch - Students:

    • Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth at all times when not actively eating/drinking.
    • Maintain a six foot  minimum physical distance at all times.
    • Stretch break OUTSIDE - vacate the indoor spaces during breaks and lunches to allow for proper airflow.
    • Access to alternate outdoor spaces delineated for their pod area:
    • Designated picnic benches / other outdoor seating
    • Designated grassy spaces
    • Use of bathrooms 
    • Use of Sanitation Station / Handwashing - after break
    • In some phases of our bell schedule, classes will be staggered to halve the number of students out at lunch the same time.




    At Break & Lunch - Classified & Administrative Staff:

    • Classified staff will be assigned to strategic locations in Center Court to support students in following safety protocols. 
    • Administrators will be out on campus to support students in following safety protocols.
    • Teachers are also asked to assist with clearing the hallways at break only; all teachers will have their guaranteed 30-minute duty-free lunch