Cohorting and Phases for Return

  • Middle College 

    In an effort to reduce the volume of students on campus each day, Middle College created Spring semester cohorts (Chart 1.2). Each grade level cohort was assigned, and students would attend consecutive classes. Each cohort of 12 to 15 students will have their own designated classroom. Similar to elementary reopening plans, the teacher and not the students will move during transition periods.  Cohorting which will consist of two student groups from each two-hour block. In configuration, students will have the choice to ‘OPT-IN’ to in-person instruction or remain virtual synchronous learning.  Students opting in will be placed on an ‘A’ or ‘B’ group (about half the class enrollment).  Students choosing to continue their learning completely synchronously will be placed in the ‘C’ group for a class.  

    In-Person Phase 1:  

    Students will return to campus for learning pods at the district office (Middle College) or Adult School (Bridge).  

    Middle College 

    • Staff: Middle College will instruct virtually, while students are supervised by designated staff. 
    • Students: up to 30 students total 2 pods scheduled for partial day.Pod 1. 8am-11am or Pod  2. 12pm - 3pm. Students attending pods will be receiving instruction from various high school or college classes.
    • Cohorting: 14:1 or smaller depending on class size
    • Targeted Support Services: 1 pods (2 students currently)


    • Staff: Bridge staff will instruct virtually, while students are supervised by the director of the Bridge Program. Room 27 and outdoor quad is being used for the learning POD. 
    • Students: up to 12 students
    • Cohorting: 14:1 or smaller depending on class size
    • Targeted Support Services: 1 pod (4 students currently)


    Current Daily Number of Students and Staff on campus:  4 Staff, 10 Students Pod

    In-Person Phase 2:

    Middle College 

    Students enrolled in Middle College and Bridge may return to campus for in-person instruction. Middle College cohorts designated A or B groups will be established on a rotating basis. See Charts 1.1 and 1.2. 

    • Staff: up to 9 staff members on campus daily, spread out over 8 designated classrooms
    • Students: up to 80 students on campus daily, students stay in their cohort group for their two hours of instruction. 
    • Cohorting: Stable groups


    The Bridge Program schedule and enrollment allows students to be on campus in 2 cohorts of 12 taught primarily by two staff members and an instructional aide. Students will stay in cohorts and staff would move between classrooms. 

      • Staff: up to 4 staff members on campus, split between 3 designated classrooms (65, 66, 67)
      • Students: Up to 24 students max on campus daily
      • Cohorting: 14:2 Stable groups

    In-Person Phase 3:

    Middle College
    All students who opt for in-person instruction will return to campus for  in-person instruction through a hybrid A/B Cohorts instructional schedule.

    • Staff: Up to 12 staff members on campus daily 100% 
    • Students: up to 200 students daily, but no more than 100 on-campus at any given hour throughout the day. 
    • Cohorting: A/B Cohorts 

    Bridge would remain the same in Phase 3. 


    • Teachers, Classified and Administration will be on campus on their assigned days.
    • A campus supervisor will support each learning pod or cohort, and assist with superviving the health guidelines and expectations. 
    • Additional staffing will be required to support classes where teachers are teaching from home.  This may include substitute teachers. 

    Middle College Spring 2021 Cohorts Chart

    Middle College Cohorts Chart 1.2


    Middle College and Bridge Classrooms Map

    Bridge Schedule

    Bridge Program Schedule