Designated Brunch/Lunch Areas/Times

  • Lunch Protocols

    Students will not be provided a designated break time, and will be permitted to take individual breaks outside as needed. Lunch will be “grab-and-go” style, and students should not eat indoors. Students should be expected to go two hours of instruction during their cohort time without a universal break. Students will have 10 minutes in between classes where they can take a break at their desk, stretch, and use the restroom. 

    At Lunch - Students:

    • Wear a face covering over your nose and mouth at all times when not actively eating/drinking.
    • Maintain a six foot  minimum physical distance at all times.
    • Stretch break OUTSIDE - vacate the indoor spaces during breaks and lunches to allow for proper airflow.
    • Access to alternate outdoor spaces delineated for their pod area:
    • Designated picnic benches / other outdoor seating
    • Designated grassy spaces
    • Use of bathrooms 
    • Use of Sanitation Station / Handwashing - after break


    At Break & Lunch - Classified & Administrative Staff:

    • Classified, Certificated and administrators will be assigned to strategic locations to support students in following safety protocols. 
    • Staff will be out on campus to support students in following safety protocols.
    • Teachers are also asked to assist with clearing outside areas at break only; all teachers will have their guaranteed 30-minute duty-free lunch, but not all times will align with each staff member.