Vaccine Opportunities for Students 5 and Up

  • The COVID-19 vaccine is free and widely available to anyone aged five and older regardless of immigration status in San Mateo County. For more information, please visit the San Mateo County Health website or go directly to the MyTurn website to find an appointment near you today. 

    May 5: FDA Authorizes Vaccine for Emergency Use for All High School Aged Students; Graduation Celebrations

    Dear Families and Students:

    Yesterday the FDA announced the emergency use authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination for 12-15 year olds. This is a super-exciting development as it means there’s the possibility that every person in our schools in the fall could be fully vaccinated. 

    We’ve been asked if being fully vaccinated will be a requirement to attend school. We don’t know, but it may be if the vaccines move from emergency use approval to full FDA approval. Mandatory vaccine requirements are typically made at the state level. Our District Board of Trustees has been a strong advocate for vaccinations for all employees and students.

    Given that it takes at least five weeks from first vaccine dose to being fully vaccinated, we urge you to have your student vaccinated as soon as possible. As we look at offering in-person summer enrichment opportunities for students, being fully vaccinated may be a requirement, so time is of the essence. If you haven’t done so already, please fill out our survey for anyone 12 and older in your household. The survey also gives you the opportunity to share who needs the vaccine as well as the vaccination status of your students to help us target our outreach to those who still need the vaccine.

    Graduations are right around the corner with ceremonies taking place the week of May 24. Seniors should have received detailed information from their schools. Those who live close to our schools will observe family members and graduates making their way to celebrate this happy occasion. We ask that attendees wear masks as appropriate and practice social distancing from those not in their households. This is a momentous occasion after a year when it was not possible to enjoy these types of celebrations. 

    What a year it has been. Like you perhaps, I’m feeling exhausted, excited, and proud of how we’ve persevered. 

    On we go!


    Kevin Skelly, Ph.D.

April 27 Update

  • April 27: Vaccine Opportunities for Students 16 Years and Older


    Dear Families and Students:

    We are now in a crucial period in the battle to quell the Coronavirus pandemic. Young people make up an increased percentage of new COVID-19 cases in San Mateo County and the nation. It’s also clear that opportunities for travel, work, and to attend various events will be contingent on being fully vaccinated.  

    As vaccines become available, our schools will have opportunities to host vaccination clinics for students aged 16 and older to receive both doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. 

    We ask that all families please complete this survey at your earliest convenience so that we can communicate with you when these clinics occur and know who has been vaccinated. The sooner you sign up, the sooner we may be able to reach out to you about potential opportunities.   

    In addition to these possible vaccine opportunities, there are a variety of options students can pursue to receive vaccinations. We urge students and parents to learn about these options to check these sites regularly as appointment opportunities grow. Learn more about other opportunities on our website or call 650-558-2366 or email

    Thank you very much indeed. 


    Kevin Skelly, Ph.D.

    Sara Devaney
    Student Health Coordinator

    27 de abril: Oportunidades de vacunación para estudiantes de 16 años en adelante

    Estimadas familias y estudiantes:

    Ahora estamos en un período crucial en la batalla para sofocar la pandemia de Coronavirus. Los jóvenes representan un porcentaje mayor de los casos nuevos de COVID-19 en el condado de San Mateo y en la nación. También está claro que las oportunidades de viajar, trabajar y asistir a varios eventos dependerán de estar completamente vacunado.

    A medida que las vacunas estén disponibles, nuestras escuelas tendrán la oportunidad de organizar clínicas de vacunación para estudiantes de 16 años o más para recibir las dos dosis de la vacuna Pfizer COVID-19.

    Les pedimos a todas las familias que completen esta encuesta lo antes posible para que podamos comunicarnos con usted cuando ocurran estas clínicas y saber quién ha sido vacunado. Mientras más pronto se inscriba, más pronto podremos comunicarnos con usted sobre posibles oportunidades.

    Además de estas posibles oportunidades de vacunas, hay una variedad de opciones que los estudiantes pueden seguir para recibir las vacunas. Aconsejamos a los estudiantes y padres a conocer estas opciones para que visiten estos sitios con regularidad a medida que aumentan las oportunidades de citas. Obtenga más información sobre otras oportunidades en nuestro sitio web o llame al 650-558-2366 o envíe un correo electrónico a

    Muchisimas gracias.


    Kevin Skelly, Ph.D.

    Sara Devaney
    Coordinadora de Salud Estudiantil



Covid-19 Vaccine Info

  • Anyone who is eligible and interested in getting vaccinated should contact their primary care provider and/or pharmacy to understand how they will be providing the vaccine.  

    • Sutter Health is currently offering vaccination through their website or by calling (844) 987-6115.   

    • Kaiser Permanente is currently offering vaccination through their website or by calling 866-454-8855.  

    • Stanford Health is offering vaccination via their MyHealth patient portal or by calling 650-498-9000.  

    • San Mateo Medical Center and associated clinics are vaccinating their patients through direct outreach. More information.

    • Several CVS, Rite Aid, Safeway, WalgreensCostco and Lucky Pharmacies offer vaccine appointments through their websites. We anticipate the number of appointments and locations will expand in the coming weeks as vaccine supply allows. 

    • The Veterans Administration is now offering vaccine to veterans, as well as their spouses and caregivers. Visit their website or call 800-698-2411. 

    • The FEMA vaccination sites at Moscone Center in San Francisco and the Coliseum in Oakland offer vaccine appointments through the state's My Turn appointment system or by calling the statewide call center at 833-422-4255. The state’s MyTurn platform will have more localized clinic information in the near future