Community Action Against Hate

  • Scapegoating Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, making us the “other,” is a centuries-old trope that pits community members against each other rather than uniting us in solidarity to solve complex, global issues that confront us all.
    At Capuchino, we stand with our Asian American and Pacific Islander families. We stand for international mindedness.

    We are asking students and family members to write and submit their "I am from" poems. Storytelling is our power to connect as a community. Each of us is someone’s daughter, son, sister, brother, mom, dad, aunt, uncle, friend… Our stories humanize us. 

    Please feel free to use the templates found here to help write your poem and share with assistant principal Ms. Kuei:

    We know that no single story is anyone’s complete story; it’s a glimpse to moments, and a start to weave our tapestry as a Cap community.


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  • I Am From by Zia

    I am from my mother, my grandmother
    From my clothes and my artwork on the walls.
    Chaotic sounds of my brother and his toys bounces of the halls
    The repeated beeping and clanking is comforting

    Because silcene is deadly
    I come from Imigrantion

    I am from a new beginning and mostly happy endings

    From “The trash needs to go out”
    To “The dishes need to be washed”

    There is always work to be done, yet not enough time to complete it
    From bending the truth and hiding from the lies
    “Be honest,” they say “As long as your honest we will trust you”
    But being honest is hard when I know that the truth will sting you
    And I know I can’t handle watching you fly away
    I am from trying to be strong

    “Words don't hurt,” but when you invalidate me, you also cut my confidence

    And watch it shrivel up and wither away
    As you walk away with the petals and pollen
    I am from confusion and Misunderstanding
    From Illusions and being delusional
    There is no such thing as “normal” until your far from it

    For my weirdness is my weapon, and you can’t win a battle with only a shield


  • My Life Beyond Sight by Rubi H.


    I am from the glistening Carribbean Ocean.

    I am from the soft, white, grainy sand.

     I am from my shoulders peeling thanks to the fiery sun.

    I am from two annoying caring brothers who call me niña.

    I am from my mom asking me “como te fue en la escuela?” every afternoon and “Ya desayunaste?” every morning. 

    I am from awaiting the weekend to sleep in and hangout with friends. 


    I am from loving sushi, churros, ice cream, chocolate lava cake, mochi, udon soup, and quesadillas de tortilla de harina con queso oaxaca.

    I am from my cousin Esmeralda who is like the sister I never had. 

    I am from daydreaming, escaping reality, or playing a story in my head when listening to music in the car. 

    I am from seeing shiny sparkles every night up in the sky that seem to be lightyears away.

    I am from living in the moment and making unforgettable memories.


    I’m from waking up every morning to the sound of Juan Gabriel fearing it’s the last day I see them. 

    I’m from anxiety rushing up my throat, swelling down my spine, and popping back into my mind.

    I’m from thanking him every night for another day of life. 

    I’m from working hard, reaching my goals, and recalling my regrets.

    I’m from imagining stepping into the TV and living in a disney movie.


    I’m from walking down the hallways and awkwardly making eye contact with those I once knew.

    I’m from loving parties and playing an intense game of tag or Las Escondidas with cousins at quinceñeras on the dance floor.

    I’m from shopping too much to the point where nothing fits in my closet and realizing I detest hanging clothes.

    I’m definitely from making smoothies every morning at six forty, and drinking tea every night.

    I’m from falling, slipping, and tripping on things that are best to move on and forget.

    I know for sure that I’m from missing her voice, her smile, and the aunt she was for me.

    I am from going to bed every night and continuing to wonder if there is an infinity, an eternity above the life we all know.