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  • Anti-Racist School and Community Transformational Journey

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    What is our moral imperative, or “why”?

    Our District has, since its inception, produced predictable racialized outcomes that have persisted over time - despite various reform and consciousness-raising professional learning activities.

    Over the last several years, a wide range of student, community and educator voices have emerged calling for an end to racist and harmful experiences on our campuses. Much of this was brought into focus in the 2020 Grand Jury Report and have also emerged with calls for social justice across the community and country.

    In order to move ahead together as a community to redress the impact of systemic racism, we look to embark on a multi-year and multi-faceted learning, repair and transformation journey that will eliminate racist and harmful incidents and end the predictable racialized outcomes for our students.

    How will we approach this process so that it feels different and yields deeper impact than previous efforts?

    In order to effectively identify, disrupt and eliminate institutional barriers and biases, we must first create a common understanding and shared language about anti-racist practices from which the entire organization can operate. Second, we must holistically examine our system to uproot oppressive practices and policies that are harmful to students and their learning.

    The process includes the following steps:

    • Winter 2021: The District in collaboration with representation from all schools underwent a rigorous proposal creation and provider identification process to select a provider.

    • Spring 2021: In collaboration with our professional learning equity partners we conducted focus groups, listeningsessions and fact finding to tailor the learning to SMUHSD’s context.

    • 2021-2022 School Year: The District will provide a mandatory training series for all District employees.

    • The development of an implementation and monitoring plan
      • to ensure that all future professional learning is in alignment with the Anti-Racist School and Community Transformation Framework
      • to monitor the effectiveness of the training
      • to plan, revise and differentiate future professional learning
      • to transform our systems by creating antiracist policies and practices

    What will this look like?

    As a District we commit to:

    • Developing an Anti-Racist Organization: All professional learning being centered in and/or connected to our work on developing an anti-racist organization. (Anti-Racist School/Community Transformation)

    • Positive Educational Experiences: A long-term District-wide priority to learning and engaging in this work so that our students, especially those who have been historically marginalized, have positive educational experiences in our schools and feel like our schools are here to serve them.

    • Accountability: Holding ourselves accountable to the work through changing our policies and practices to align with anti-racist values and be student and family centered (rather than centered on the organization or white supremacy culture) in order to better meet the needs of every student we serve.

    • Equity-Focused Data: Collection of equity-focused data through listening sessions with District employees, community stakeholders, and our students, as well as historical data on student achievement and experiences in our District to assess our work.


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