• Graduation Requirements

    Students graduating from Peninsula High School must complete ALL District requirements adopted by the San Mateo Union High School District’s Board of Trustees in order to receive a diploma.

    • 202 credits to graduate
    • 40 English
    • 35 Social Science (MWH 1&2, Ethnic Studies, CWS, US History 1&2, American Government, Economics)
    • 30 Math
    • 20 Science (1 year Physical and 1 year Biological)
    • 5 Health
    • 10 Career Technical Education (CTE)
    • 2 Work Experience or Volunteer Experience
    • 60 Electives

    Concurrent Enrollment Possibilities:

    1. Adult School (Night Classes)
    2. Community College Classes
    3. Edgenuity Learning Online courses (outside of school)
    4. Volunteer Experience of Community Service
    5. Work Experience

    Learn more about PHS Graduation Requirements.

    Instruction / Grades / Credits


    The student support services represent the entire school’s philosophy of integrating all support services into the regular school day. We believe students will learn more and achieve their maximum potential if given the most supportive environment possible. For this reason, we have developed an extensive counseling and support service program for all of our students. All students will have access to individual, group, and classroom academics, as well as personal/social, and career guidance and support. Students will participate in the Counseling Department’s Guidance Education Series led by the Guidance Counselor, Wellness Counselor, onsite Mental Health Therapist, and College and Career Advisors. The series will focus on building academic success plans for graduation, developing strategies for improving students’ grades, learning about various socio-emotional topics that meet the needs of students, and preparing them for post-high school and career goals. Students will also be given the opportunity to participate in Restorative Justice Practices, Tutorials, Community Service Projects, Project-Based Learning, Quiet Time, Wellness Center (Student/Family Resources), Job Hunting Skills, Recoding/Life Skills, and a guest speaker series on various topics.  Peninsula High School provides students with many options to meet their graduation requirements through a combination of direct instruction and on-line course work. Courses are offered based on current enrollment, and change each semester based on student needs.

    Course Offerings

    Algebra 1 – 2 **

    Algebra 3 – 4 *

    English 1 - 2  *

    Eng 3 - 4, 5 – 6, 7- 8

    Integrated Math 1 – 2, 3 – 4 *

    Algebra, Algebra Support, Geometry 1 – 2

    World languages

    Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)


    Health/Introduction to Health Sciences

    Earth Science 1 – 2

    Directed Studies (10th) 

    Guided Studies  (10th-12th)

    Cont. World Studies *

    Modern World history 1 – 2 *


    American Government

    US History 1 – 2


    • (January 2022) courses: entrepreneurship: from idea & to success/communication studies 
    • CTE: tourism and hospitality, food nutrition/home economics/consumer ed.
    • CTE: digital photography
    • Edgenuity learning
    • Career exploration
    • Art appreciation
    • Leadership/Counseling 101
    • Restorative Justice Practices/Meditation
    • Recoding/Life Skills
    • College Study Skills
    • Community Service
    • Work experience
    • Volunteer experience

    * Online Edgenuity Learning Only
    ** Online Edgenuity Learning or Teacher Led

    How To Earn Elective Credits

    Students are encouraged to begin earning elective credits as early as possible to help reach the 60 elective credits requirement. There are several ways a student can earn electives “off campus” through Peninsula High School.


How to Earn Elective Credits
  • Edgenuity Online (Learning) Credit Recovery                            

    Flexibility to Meet Diverse Needs

    For many students, the need to recover only one or two course credits is all that stands between them and graduation from high school. These students may have already satisfied seat time requirements for a course in which they were unsuccessful – and may have learned a significant amount of what was expected of them. These same students are therefore seeking an opportunity to accelerate through the required course material to earn those final credits.

    Other students are ill prepared for high school coursework and have failed several classes. For these students, the challenge of making up the required credits is daunting. If the only option is to repeat the same course, in the same traditional format as the first time, the chance of success is low. Not wanting to fail again, these students are at an increased risk of dropping out – or may have already dropped out. With effective support, these students can still be successful.

    Edgenuity Learning online curriculum is another option that makes it possible for us to offer a credit recovery program that can address the diverse needs of all of our credit-recovery students.

    Individualized Instruction Fosters Student Success

    With Edgenuity online courses, students can progress at their own pace, taking as much – or as little – time as necessary to master the material. Particularly significant for credit-recovery students, unit-level diagnostics allow students to move quickly over material they have previously mastered. Direct instruction will support learning by incorporating multimedia – in the form of images, audio, video, animations, and interactive elements – along with instructional text to provide students with multiple representations of concepts as well as address their different learning styles. This could just be what is required for previously unsuccessful students to succeed in rigorous high school courses.

    Blended Learning

    Students who are new to online learning or who struggle with reading at grade level may be placed in blended courses. Blended courses use both teacher led instruction as well as online learning. Blended courses are available in Core Academic subjects only (English, Math, Social Science, and Science).

    Career Pathways: Career Technical Education (CTE)

    Peninsula High School offers courses that prepare students for college and career. Students who complete a pathway will be prepared for entry level jobs in that sector of industry. Students will learn about the industry through class work, certifications, field trips, job shadowing and potentially internships or employment. Each student will receive a certificate of completion stating their qualifications and skills. These courses will be articulated with community colleges, meaning, students will earn college credits for completing these courses. College credits can be used toward higher education in the selected sectors of industry (Healthcare OR Hospitality, Tourism and Food Service).

    Community College Courses at PHS

    New Courses January 2022

    • From Idea to Success (BUS 171)
    • Communications Studies (130)

    Digital Photography


    • Yearbook
    • Website Design

    Hospitality, Tourism, and Food Service


    • Home Economics: Consumer Education
    • Food and Nutrition
    • Careers in Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

    Career Center Information

    Lorenzo HockadayCareer Center Assistant

    Our Career Exploration at Peninsula High School involves many opportunities for our students throughout the year. Information is available to them regarding future careers and educational pathways. These include:

    • Bi-weekly career presentations:  Representatives from many career fields speak to our students about career pathways and opportunities.

    • Monthly College and Career Center Club:  Meeting for seniors to learn, explore, and discover the many options in the Community College system and Apprentice Programs in San Mateo County.

    • Financial Aid Workshops:  Introduces and trains students and parents in completing federal financial aid forms for college and vocational schools.

    • College Field Trips:  Students visit specialized programs in our local community college (at least six offered each year.)

    • Job Fairs:  Fall and Winter Job Fair events providing students with the opportunity to meet, hear, and ask questions from employers and community persons on career pathways.

    • District College Fair:  Occurs annually on a date to be determined.

    • College Readiness Workshops Series:  Student application process with the assistance of the College/Career Advisor.

    Students and parents are free to stop by during our office hours, or to call or email to set up an appointment with the College and Career Assistant.