Transferring Your Content to Another Google Account

  • Google Takeout for Schools: Transferring Your Content to Another Google Account

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    Before You Start:

    • You need to have two different Google accounts. 

      • Source account - your account (this account must be a Google school account)

      • Destination account - the account you are transferring all of the content to. This can be a personal gmail account or another school Google account. If you don’t have a personal Gmail account - create one at


    Step 1: Enter a destination account

    • Log on to both Google accounts. This can be on the same device or different devices.

    • From your account go to:

    • Enter the email address that you want to transfer the files to and click Send code. 

    • Go the the account you want to transfer to and check for an email with the subject: Verify your account.

    • Click the Get confirmation code button in that email. 

    • Your confirmation code will open in a new tab.

    • Copy this code! 

    Step 2: Verify your account

    • Go back to your Google Takeout Transfer screen (in your account).

    • Enter the confirmation code that you just copied and click Verify.


    Step 3: Select content to copy and transfer

    • Go back to your Google Takeout Transfer screen (in your account).

    • If you don’t change anything, both your Google Drive files and Email will be transferred. If you do not want that - toggle off the one you don’t want to transfer. 

    • Select Start Transfer to start the process!


    Step 4: Transfer your content

    • Your email and files are now transferring. This may take up to a week depending on how many files you have!

    • You can close your computer once this process starts - the transfer is happening on Google’s servers.

    • Emails will show up in the destination account’s inbox with a label.

    • In Drive, all files that you owned or had editing rights will be copied over to a folder named with your account. 

    • These files are copies and are not shared with anyone else. 


    Adapted from Control Alt Achieve: