Student & Family Handbook 2021-2022

  • Introduction from the Principal

    July 2021

    Dear Capuchino Students and Families,

    To describe the most recent year as uniquely difficult is an understatement. We know that many in our school community suffered tremendous hardship(s). As we open our doors for the fall semester, we’ll be here for our students, families, and staff to heal together, learn, and connect. For 2021-22, we plan for a full re-opening with all of our students and staff returning to campus, along with health and safety measures to protect our community. More information will be forthcoming regarding enhanced health/safety practices, but I anticipate that masks, health screenings, enhanced ventilation systems, and sanitization stations will continue to be important mitigation measures moving forward. Please stay tuned as we will closely monitor health and safety conditions, while also following the guidance of our school district office and San Mateo County. In addition, if your student has not yet been vaccinated for Covid-19, I encourage you to visit for vaccination resources. Vaccinations help protect the individual, along with further safeguarding our entire community.

    As an IB School, Capuchino is a unique comprehensive high school. This includes a rigorous and coherent set of academic expectations, intentional social/emotional support, along with an immensely talented staff who will foster community in a variety of contexts, most importantly in each classroom on campus. It also means a commitment to International Mindedness and racial justice. We are incredibly proud of our CHS Black Student Union (BSU) who created a mural which will launch in August, 2021 on campus. Their work was endorsed by our School Site Council (SSC) and will hang outside of the ‘D’ Building for the 2021-22 school year. For the coming year, and beyond, we will continue to revise our curriculum, reflect on interactions, and challenge assumptions to ensure that each of our students is well supported for a successful future. There is no more important responsibility than providing each of our students with an equitable school experience. To learn more about our school and the IB Programme please visit Finally, more information regarding our school values and the IB Learner Profile can be found on our website:

    I have never looked forward to a school year as much as this one! To our students, we can’t wait to see and welcome you (and welcome you back) to Cap in August. To our parents/guardians, thank you for entrusting us with your students. It’s a great honor to work with such wonderful young people. If you have any questions or feedback, I hope that you will reach out to me or a staff member directly so we can help you navigate our return to school for the fall.

    Go Mustangs!

    Jesse Boise

     IB Learner Profile Flow Chart

    Core Beliefs

    At Capuchino, we believe...

    • we must at the same time cultivate individual agency, ownership, identity, and foster a collective culture of WE.
    • in identifying, disrupting, and eliminating institutional biases and barriers that prevent equitable outcomes.
    • it is our obligation to provide a safe physical and emotional environment.
    • that the process of learning is personal and unique to each individual.
    • in using the IB Approaches to Teaching and Learning to create meaningful learning experiences for all. 
    • by developing the IB Learner Profile attributes in all community members, we will foster the growth of the whole person.


    School Goal/Meta Escolar

    All students will graduate demonstrating the knowledge and the skills necessary to be prepared for college and career. 

    Todos los estudiantes se graduarán demostrando el conocimiento y las habilidades necesarias para estar preparados para la universidad y una carrera profesional.


    Commitment to Racial Justice

    Learn more about our commitment to racial justice:

    School Connectedness

     “School connectedness refers to an academic environment in which students believe that adults in the school care about their learning and about them as individuals.”

    Capuchino faculty and staff know the importance of students feeling connected to school.  School Connectedness includes participating in classes and extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. More importantly, it involves building strong relationships with peers and adults on campus.  Students are happier and more successful when they have at least one adult on campus whom they trust and feel have their best interest at heart. At Capuchino, we strive to build a strong, caring, and inclusive community together.