Main Office Directory

  • Principal Jose Gomez 558-2700

    Administrative Assistant Sandra Rogge* 558-2701

    Assistant Principal Michalis Gordon  558-2703

    Counseling/Student Svc. Assistant Lisa Zepeda* 558-2705

    Assistant Principal Mauricio Rodriguez* 558-2706

    Counseling/Student Svc. Assistant Vicki Mahoney 558-2704    

    Assistant Principal Deyango Harris 558-2728

    Dean of Students Tim Netane 558-2706

    Counselor Leticia Barajas* 558-2712

    Counselor Faith Cabie-Ramil 558-2711

    Counselor Wendy Rivera* 558-2759

    Counselor Shannon Millard 558-2710

    Counseling Aide    Kim Tsui ** 558-2714

    Lead Wellness Counselor Lucero Govea* 558-2776

    Wellness Counselor Gabby Gelb 558-2749

    Wellness Counselor (ELD) Geo Rivera* 558-2735

    Activities Director Drew Bywater 558-6425

    Athletic Director Jay Oca 558-2741

    Athletic Trainer Kristopher Rocha 558-2771

    IB Coordinator Martee Lopez-Schmitt 558-2721

    IB Assistant Daniella Franco 558-2746

    Attendance Clerk Sandra Valenzuela* 558-2708

    College, Career & Financial Aid Advisor Michelle de Pilla* 558-2718

    Career Coordinator Kim Koivisto  558-2748

    CTE Coordinator Scott Rogge  558-2768

    Data Analyst/Registrar Janice Harui 558-2719

    English Learner (EL) Specialist Salvador Castillo* 558-2707

    Family Engagement Coordinator Fernanda Cely* 558-2762

    Financial Assistant Imelda Gomez* 558-2720

    Health Aide Renee McAuliffe 558-2722

    Student Success Coordinator Stefany Peng * 558-2783 

    Librarian Anna Lapid 558-2727

    Library Media Technician Michaela Pisaro 558-2727

    Facilities Manager Don Ahuna 558-2725

    Webmaster Teang Kuy 558-5259

    Yearbook Advisor Martee Lopez-Schmitt 558-2721

              *Spanish-Speaking/Habla Español **Mandarin-Speaking/會說中文


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