Contact and Communications Guide

  • We encourage you to contact us whenever you have a concern. The following chart may be helpful in connecting you to the person who can be most effective in meeting your needs. If you are unclear or need further clarification, please contact us at (650) 558-2799. Assistant Principal Grade Assignments are: Mr. Rodriguez - Grades 10, 12 and Mr. Gordon - Grades 9, 11


    Academic Progress in a Particular Class or Grading Questions:

    1st: Teacher of the Class 2nd: Counselor 3rd: Student’s AP

    Alcohol/Other Substance Abuse Concerns:

    1st: Counselor 2nd Wellness Counselor or Dean 3rd: Student’s AP


    1st: Attendance Clerk

    2nd: Dean of Students



    1st: Coach

    2nd: Athletic Director 

    3rd: AP Michalis Gordon 

    Behavior/Student Discipline: 

    1st: Teacher of the Class

    2nd: Dean of Students

    3rd: Student’s AP

    School Calendar:

    1st: Assistant to AP 

    2nd: AP Michalis Gordon


    College Selection/Post-Secondary Plans:

    Counselor and/or College and Career Specialist

    Counseling for Personal Issues

    Counselor or Wellness Counselor

    Course Selection/Placement

    1st: Student’s Counselor

    2nd: Student’s AP


    Facility Questions (repairs, suggestions, concerns):

    1st: Facilities Manager

    2nd: AP Mr. Rodriguez


    Facility Rental Inquiries:

    1st: SMUHSD (District) Facilities Coordinator                   2nd: District Facilities Manager

    IB Program:

    1st: IB Assistant

    2nd: IB Coordinator

    3rd: AP Mr. Rodriguez

    Naviance, Job Opportunities, Scholarships, Summer Programs: 

    1st: College and Career Advisor                                              2nd: Student’s Counselor

    Parent Involvement Organizations (Boosters):

    1st: Main Office

    2nd: Administrative Liaison


    Public Relations/Website:

    1st: Webmaster

    2nd: AP Mr. Rodriguez


    Security (campus safety):

    1st: Main Office

    2nd: Assistant to AP 

    3rd: Dean or AP 

    Student Organizations/Co-curricular Activities:

    1st: Activities Director

    2nd: AP Machalis Gordon


    Summer School:

    1st: Counselor/Case manager


    Student Government/Leadership (ASB):

    1st: Activities Director

    2nd: AP Machalis Gordon 


    Teacher Concerns: 

    1st: Teacher of the Class

    2nd: Counselor

    3rd: Student’s AP

    Transcript/Student Records: 

    1st: Data Analyst

    2nd: Student’s AP