Campus Map, Parking, and Access



    Automobiles and Parking  

    Every vehicle driven to school must be registered at the Main Office with Ms. Mahoney and must display a Capuchino parking tag (orange for students, green for staff) on the rear view mirror. Motorcycles and mopeds must also be registered and have a Capuchino parking permit clearly visible. 

    Students may park in unmarked spaces at the upper and stadium parking lots. Students must obey all parking regulations or they may lose parking privileges. Students are subject to a parking violation by the San Bruno Department of Transportation and Parking or Capuchino HS for illegal parking or traffic violations. The speed limit on campus is 10 miles per hour. Parking on campus is a privilege and may be lost by careless driving. Students may access their cars before and after school. Students may not loiter in parking lot areas.

    How do students obtain a parking permit?

    • The student must present: 1) a valid California Driver's License, 2) current auto registration, 3) proof of insurance. We will make copies of the documents  for you.

    • Student parking permit costs $5.00 and can be purchased through Ms. Mahoney.

    Where can students park?

    • Any parking space not designated as “STAFF” or “VISITOR” parking.  

    • Upper and Stadium Parking Lots

    • Students are not allowed to park on the fire lanes, access roads, or red zones.

    • Street parking is available. Do not block driveways.

    Scooters, Bikes and Skateboards

    Scooters, bicycles, skateboards and other types of boards are forms of transportation that promote physical health and environmental friendliness. However, for the safety of students and staff on campus, students are not allowed to ride these on campus. Items are subject to confiscation if they are used on campus. Privileges may be taken away if students abuse policy. Bicycles and scooters must be chained to the rack provided on campus. Skateboards must be carried throughout the day and must not become a distraction or safety hazard, or it may be confiscated. Capuchino high school and the SMUHSD is not responsible for lost or stolen scooters, bikes, or skateboards.

    Hall Passes

    Students must have a hall pass when they are out of class, including Teacher Aides. During class time, students must obtain their teacher’s permission and hall pass in order to see someone (e.g., counselor, dean, etc.) in the Main Office. Students without a pass will not be seen. Students with a free 1st and 7th period who wish to remain on campus must obtain a “NAS” (Not at School) sticker. Students without an official hall pass may be subject to consequences. 

    Identification Cards

    All students must carry a Capuchino ID card at all times on campus and at school-related functions.  Student ID pictures will be taken during orientation.  The ID card is used for library material checkout, AST attendance, school dance ticket purchase, and for identification at school events such as games at Capuchino and on other campuses.  ID cards will also be used to identify students who are enrolled in off-campus programs.  Failure to show a proper ID when requested by any school staff may result in disciplinary action.  The initial ID card is free; however, a replacement card is $5.00. 

    Closed Campus

    Capuchino is a closed campus; students must remain on campus from the beginning of their first class to the end of their scheduled school day.  Students must obtain a “Permit to Leave” from the Attendance Office to leave early for reasons such as doctor’s appointments, illness, or a family emergency.

    Out of Bounds Policy

    The following areas are considered out-of-bounds to students during the school day, unless under the direct supervision of a faculty member:

    • Main Parking Lot

    • Lower Practice Field, Tennis Courts, Softball Field, Baseball Diamond, Football Stadium, Track, Basketball Courts and Swimming Pool, Upper Gym, Main Gym** 

    • Stadium Parking Lot 

    • Bus Loop

    • Back Access Road

    • Upper Track, behind the Main Theater and Music Room

    • All Construction Zones (if applicable)

    *Students found in these areas may be subject to disciplinary action. 

    **Exceptions for school-sanctioned supervised activities 

    Lost and Found

    Students looking for lost possessions should check with the Attendance Clerk in the Main Office.  Anyone who finds a lost or misplaced article should take it to the office as soon as possible.  If lost articles are not claimed within a reasonable amount of time, they will be discarded or donated.


    Students may use the phones in the Main Office for emergency purposes only.  Public phones are not available on campus. Students will not be called out of class unless it is an emergency, or an urgent message can be delivered to a student at the guardian’s request. 


    Any person visiting the campus must sign the guest register in the Main Office and obtain a visitor sticker.  For insurance and safety reasons, student visitors to campus during school hours will not be allowed except in unusual circumstances. If a student guest pass is issued, it must be obtained in advance from the Main Office.


    Non-students are not allowed on campus during the school day. Non-Capuchino students who visit without authorization will be subject to discipline. Other unauthorized visitors who fail to leave upon direction are subject to arrest by the police for trespassing/loitering on a school campus.