Support the Growth Fund

  • What is the Capuchino High School Growth Fund?

    Unfortunately school district and state funds do not fully cover the costs of our important work at Capuchino High School. This includes providing all students at Capuchino a transformative experience through 9th/10th Grade Small Learning Communities, the International Baccalaureate program, and the expansion of application learning opportunities. The Capuchino High School Growth Fund seeks to cover some of this gap and increase the quality of education for all of our students by providing money for training for staff, teacher grants, and money for community events. 

    San Mateo High School raised $300,000 last year.  The Burlingame High School Excellence Fund raised nearly $400,000 last year.  Help Capuchino High School reach this year’s goal of  $30,000 by donating to the PTO’s Growth Fund.  We are asking for a family contribution of $200 per student but any amount helps us reach our goal.

    Your donation is tax deductible.  Check with your employer about matching donations.

    Use the Capuchino High School Alumni Association website to donate via credit card:

    You can also pay by check.  Make checks payable to CHSAA Growth Fund and put in the PTO mailbox in the school office.