HHS Mission Statement

  • The mission of Hillsdale High School is to enable all students to reach their academic and personal potential. 

    As an educational community of students, parents, and staff, we are committed to sharing the responsibility for the mission by achieving the following cornerstones: 

    Equity through: 

    • Strong core curriculum and high standards 
    • Differentiated learning 
    • Collaboration and on-going professional development 
    • Understanding, respect, and appreciation of diversity 
    • Providing all students with a variety of opportunities to meet their personal and academic potential 

    Personalization through: 

    • Community/parent connections 
    • Sense of community 
    • Integrity, honesty, responsibility 
    • Advisory 

    Rigor through: 

    • Common Core State Standards 
    • Hillsdale’s Graduate Profile: Communicate, Read, Think, Respect Yourself, Your Community and Your  World, Understand and Apply Content 
    • Authentic Learning (e.g. project-based learning, exhibitions, portfolios, demonstrations of mastery) 

    Shared Decision-Making through: 

    • Democratic Structures 
    • Distributed Leadership 
    • Consensus Building 
    • Autonomy

    The Mission Statement gives us the ability to see Hillsdale not only as it is, but as we would like it to become.