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    Learn about Graduation Requirements, including approved A-G Courses.

    Progress Reports 

    Progress Report Cards are issued every six weeks, and will be mailed directly to the parents at the address on file. The third (end for fall semester) and sixth (end of spring semester) of these reports contain the number of credits earned and semester grades which are cumulative grades (they are not an average of each six weeks.) The semester information becomes part of a student’s transcript and permanent record. We encourage students and  families to use the school’s online tools for more frequent monitoring.  

    Grading System

Grading System
  • *Does not meet college preparation requirements.

    **A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is given in cases where work is not complete because of absences caused by SERIOUS EMERGENCIES. Work must be completed within a specified time or the grade will be replaced with “IF”. 

    ***The grad notation “DF” indicates the drop of a class and a final grade of “F” for the course--this final grade appears on the transcript and in the GPA.

  • Homework Policy 

    Hillsdale High School follows the San Mateo Union High School District homework policy. The Administrative  Regulation for this policy can be found at SMUHSD Homework Policy AR or at the district website under Board of  Education policies. 

    Class Schedules and Changes/Drops

    Hillsdale High School's master schedule is based on student selection.  The counselors inform every student, through the scheduling process, of the seriousness of their course selections.  Please note that student’s course schedules are not based on period requests or teacher requests. Students will make their course selection choices in our student information database - Aeries.  Copies of their course selection will be sent home for families to review and any changes will need to be submitted by the stated deadline. Students and guardians must meet with their counselor to make any schedule changes. All class changes require  both teacher and counselor approvals  

    • All 9th, 10th and 11th graders must be enrolled in at least six classes

    • 12th graders must be enrolled in at least five classes

    • Dual and concurrent enrollment classes through the community college can count towards the number of required courses.

    • Any drop after the sixth Friday of the semester is a drop with an F grade

    • Students must be enrolled in and passing at least 25 credits and have a 2.0 GPA to be eligible for athletics.  Students with more than one F grade per marking period are not eligible.  Students enrolled in five classes will not be eligible with one F grade. Seniors can be enrolled in 20 credits with a 2.0 GPA if they're passing all of their classes.

    •  No changes will be made after the 12-week grading  period. All students who are enrolled in a community college level course that is taught on the Hillsdale.  The campus will need acknowledgement and approval from their guardian. This will be completed through the Google Form for concurrent enrollment found on the HHS website.  

    Course changes will not be made to accommodate extra-curricular schedules, personal preferences, teacher, or period preferences. 


    When applying for college and/or scholarships, students will find it necessary to request transcripts of their high  school records. All transcript requests should be submitted to the Student Data Analyst in the Counseling Office.  For current students the first ten (10) official copies are free of charge. The fee for official transcripts beyond ten is  $5 per copy and subject to increase. 

    Graduation Requirements 

    San Mateo Union High School District students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 180 credits in required  courses plus 40 additional credits of elective coursework, for a total of 220 credits in order to earn a high school  diploma*. Each course passed earns 5 credits per semester. Advisory earns 2.5 credits per semester. To earn a Hillsdale High School Diploma, 12th grade students must also pass their Exit Portfolio Defenses and Capstones. 

    Graduation Ceremony Participation  

    Students may participate in the HHS graduation ceremony ONLY if they have successfully completed all required  credits, courses, and academic work. Students will not be able to participate in the HHS graduation ceremony if  they are short credits or have not passed their exit Portfolio Defenses & Capstones prior to the ceremony though  summer completion after graduation may allow a student to participate in the ceremony with the approval of the  Superintendent or designee. Students may be ineligible for the graduation ceremony as a disciplinary consequence  for misconduct.