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    How to download unofficial transcripts

    Seniors: Request Transcripts for College

    Private Colleges require applicants to submit official transcripts, which must be requested via Naviance. Students who have taken community college courses must also request transcripts from the college's Admissions & Records department. Midyear transcripts will automatically be sent in late January for all students who requested an initial transcript for private colleges. 

    UC & CSU - Students DO NOT need to submit initial transcripts for UC or CSU applications. Do not send transcripts unless the colleges specifically request them from you.

    For Scholarships: Email Janice Harui at

    Student Athletes:For NCAA or NAIA, be sure to register with them and order transcript through their websites.

    Final Transcripts: If you will be attending a four-year college in the fall after graduation, you can request a final transcript to be sent to that college in the Graduation Survey to be completed in May.


    Former Capuchino and Crestmoor Students
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    Questions about transcripts? Contact Janice Harui