Attendance Policies

  • Report Student Absences: (650) 558-2909 English
    Report Student Absences: (650) 558-2908 Español
    Attendance Office Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M.


    The Attendance Office must have the current phone numbers and addresses of all Aragon High School students. If this information has changed, notify the District Office. Automated phone calls home are made daily to inform parents of the student’s attendance (tardy or absent). If there is an error in the student’s attendance, see the attendance clerk for a CORRECTION FORM.


    Regular attendance and class participation are an integral part of our students' learning experience and together determine student success. Aragon High School is committed to cultivating exemplary attendance habits. Attendance in school is mandatory for all students under the age of 18.


    SMUHSD contracts with A2A to help provide proven interventions to reduce chronic absenteeism through proactive, personalized outreach paired with inbound support for families in their home language. The unique approach allows social workers to collaborate with site attendance teams to develop and monitor highly effective practices. The attendance intervention is rigorous in its evidence basis, research, and design—but thoughtful and supportive in its delivery. We monitor attendance data and target our families. When students become at risk of learning loss, our system targets our families in need with outreach and support. The personalized, consistent outreach, in families' home language, district-wide has proven to help improve attendance of students. 


    By definition:

    A student is tardy when he/she is less than 30 minutes tardy to a single scheduled class period. 

    A student is absent when he/she is more than 30 minutes tardy or is not present during a scheduled class period. 


    A student is truant when he/she is absent from class without school and parent/guardian knowledge or permission, or when he/she leaves class or school campus without permission before the class or school day is officially over. All unverified absences will be considered truant after 2 school days. 

    The following are legally excused absences as defined by the California Education Code 48260, 48261,48262, 48913



    Medical, Dental, Optometrical, Chiropractic Appointments


    Jury Duty

    Justifiable Personal Reasons: parents must submit an advance written request and receive the approval of the principal. The Education Code defines justifiable personal reasons as funeral attendance, court appearance, religious holiday or ceremony observance, religious retreats, some pre-approved, work-related conferences, service on an election precinct board, and/or participation in religious instruction of no more than one hour per week. (Education Code: 48205)



    Reporting any absence in the three ways listed above must include:  

    1. The student’s legal name   

    2. The student’s school ID number (If you do not know this, please leave your student's date of birth) 

    3. The dates/periods of the absence

    4. The reason for the absence.  When stating the reason, please be as specific as possible so the absence is coded correctly.  For example, stating the reason for your child’s absence is that they have an appointment is very different from stating the reason is because he has a doctor or dentist appointment.  The general unspecified appointment is coded an “N” and therefore unexcused, while the medical appointment is coded an “I” and is excused according to the state criteria.



    Parent/Guardian Responsibility:  Parents are expected to clear a student’s absence on the day the student is absent. Absences must be cleared only by a parent/guardian phone call to the Attendance Office at 650-558-2908 or (650) 558-2908 en Español within 48 hours of the absence.  After this period, an absence cannot be cleared and can affect a student’s overall grade in a class and participation in extracurricular activities. This policy applies to tardies as well.  


    Absences not cleared by the parent/guardian within 48 hours of the absence will be considered a permanent cut/truancy absence. 


    Parents/guardians and students should make every effort to schedule non-school appointments outside school hours. If this is unavoidable, the student must have the parent/guardian call the Attendance Office at 558-2908 to obtain a “Permit to Leave” prior to departure. Students who leave campus without a “Permit to Leave” will receive a permanent cut/truancy absence – even if a parent calls to clear the absence afterward.  A “cut” is identified by a “T” on a student’s attendance record. Students are responsible for any missed work/assignments.


    Attendance Codes in Aeries:

    Students and parents are advised to check Aeries often to check for the accuracy of each student’s attendance.  This is even more important in the event that they receive a call from the Attendance Office indicating that the student has been marked absent for one or more periods in a day.  Please call the attendance office immediately if there are any incorrect entries in your student’s attendance record.


    A – Activity

    B – 30+ Minutes Tardy

    G – Religious

    I – Illness

    L – Tardy

    M – Tardy Excused

    N – Unexcused Absence

    S – Suspended 

    T – Truant (Cut)

    U – Unverified

    X – Excused

    Y – ATS/Alternative to Suspension Program


    Excused Absences:


    Verified quarantine, medical, dental, or optometry services are defined by state law as excused absences. Students are permitted to make up all the work they missed.



    Absences for the funeral of a student's immediate family or court-mandated appearances may be excused upon proper verification. These absences are considered excused and warranted. Students are permitted to make up all the work missed if the absence is excused.


    Religious released time:

    Pupils with the consent of their parents or guardians, through phone call to the Attendance Office, may be excused from school in order to participate in religious or moral exercises and instruction as provided by the Education Code. Students are permitted to make-up all the work they missed.



    When a student is suspended, a reasonable effort will be made to contact the parent/guardian in person or by phone. A suspended student is not permitted to be on any district campus or attend any school event in the district. Police may be contacted. Upon request, the teacher may provide assignments to students on suspension; however, giving credit for these assignments is at the teacher’s discretion (Ed. Code 48913).  Students who are suspended may not attend or participate in school-related events for 10 calendar days from the date of return from the suspension.  If an incident occurs at a school dance, the student may not attend the next AHS school dance.


    Alternative to Suspension:

    As a district and a school, we are exploring additional interventions and options to the suspension process.  Students assigned to an Alternative to Suspension (ATS) program will be removed from their regular classes on campus for one day to attend a program focused on assisting students to identify unhealthy behaviors and reflect on how to behave in a more positive and healthy manner.  Students missing class to attend an ATS assignment will be able to make up any work missed.


    Unexcused Absences & Truancies: Ed. Code 48260, 48261, 48262, 48913  

    An unexcused absence is any absence that does not fall under the excused absences listed above (illness, medical excuse, religious holidays, court mandated appearance, or funeral of a close family member).  A truant (or cut) is an absence that occurs without office notification.

    1. A student will receive a cut/truancy when the absence is not cleared. A cut/truancy is marked as a “T” on a student’s attendance report.

    2. No credit is allowed for work missed as a result of a cut/truancy or unexcused absence.

    3. A student’s grade may be severely affected by work missed due to a cut/truancy or unexcused absence.

    4. Cutting/truant students are not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities on that same day


    NOTE:  Once a student has arrived on campus, he/she may not leave campus except with a permit to leave from the attendance office.  Students leaving campus prior to checking out of the attendance office will be marked as a ’CUT’.


    Unexcused / Truant periods are CUMULATIVE for the school year.



    One or more periods unexcused or cut/truant per day


    7 or more periods unexcused or cut/truant 

    Friday or Saturday Work Study and parent contact

    T1: 14 or more periods unexcused or cut/truant

    Friday or Saturday Work Study, Truancy Letter #1, possible loss of extracurricular activities.

    T2: 21 or more periods unexcused or cut/truant

    Truancy Letter #2, Required parent meeting, placement on Attendance Contract, possible loss of extracurricular activities.

    T3: 35 or more periods unexcused or cut/truant

    Truancy Letter #3, Referral to SMUHSD Student Attendance Review Board, potential move to another school or academic program.


    Failure to serve detentions for cutting/truancy will earn Friday or Saturday Work Study. Failure to serve Friday or Saturday Work Study may result in an alternative suspension and/or a behavior and attendance contract.


    Extended Absences:

    Students and parents should speak with their assistant principal and their school counselor concerning absences that will extend between 5 and 10 school days. For absences that extend longer than 2 weeks, parents are advised to speak with students' school counselor so that proper accommodations can be made and work provided. Medical documentation may be required for extended absences due to illness. After fourteen (14) illness absences in a school year, a doctor’s note and chronic illness verification form is required to excuse additional illness absences.


    1. Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom seat when the last bell rings or if they arrive late without a pass.

    2. No credit is allowed for work missed when a student is tardy from class.

    3. Students are late for PE if they are not in the locker room when the last bell begins to ring and if they are not present when the instructor commences roll call.

    4. Students have 48 hours to clear a tardy. After this time, the tardy becomes part of the student’s permanent record and cannot be cleared, except by administration.

    5. The number of tardies is based on a student’s attendance record. Serving detentions and FWS does not remove tardies or cuts/truancies from a student’s record. Parents may clear tardies or cuts/truancies within 48 hours of the date posted only if there is a clerical error.


    Offense - Per semester


    5 or more unexcused tardies during a semester

    Student Tardy Notice & Warning

    10 or more unexcused tardies in a semester

    Detention, Persistent Tardy Letter to parents, possible loss of extracurricular activities for the semester

    20 or more unexcused tardies in a semester

    Friday or Saturday Work Study, Attendance Contract, parent meeting, and potential loss of extracurricular activities.


    Failure to serve detentions for unexcused tardies will earn Friday or Saturday Work Study. Failure to serve FWS may result in assignment to Alternative to Suspension Program, Campus Beautification Assignment, and/or a Behavior Contract.


    Hall Pass and Not at School (NAS) Policies:

    Hall Passes:

    All students must have a hall pass when they are out of class during instructional time, including Teaching Assistants. Students that do not have a hall pass may receive detention. Students loitering or roaming the campus without a hall pass may also receive detention.


    Not at School (NAS) Periods 1 or 6 or 7:

    Students with a free 1st and 7th period who wish to remain on campus must obtain a “NAS” (Not at School) sticker from Ms. Patino in the Main Office and must remain in the library to do academic work, Career Center, classroom with teacher permission and presence, or for a school related activity/event. Otherwise, students must be off campus. NAS periods are periods 1 or 6 or 7 only. 


    Second Semester Senior Truancy Policy:

    Seniors with 7 or more period cuts/truancies or unexcused absences AND/OR 9 or more period tardies during the 2nd and/or 3rd grading period of the spring semester will lose access to senior activities, including the Senior Prom and Graduation.  

    For the 6-week time frame running from February 18th through March 28th.  Any senior who accumulates 7 or more unexcused period absences/cuts, will not be allowed to attend the Prom.

    For the 6-week time frame running from April 7th through Friday, May 23rd.  Any senior who accumulates 7 or more unexcused period absences/cuts during this time frame will not be allowed to participate in final Senior Activities.