Attendance Policies


    What do I do if my student will be absent or late?

    Call OR Email Ms Patino (see contact information to right)


    Bring a written note from a parent/guardian.

    Only a PARENT/GUARDIAN can excuse absences.  Even if your student is 18 years old!


    How does my student leave during school time for a pre-scheduled appointment, etc.?

    It is the student’s responsibility to get a Permit to Leave as early as possible during non-class time before leaving (with a note or phone call).  We do NOT interrupt classes for pre-scheduled appointments.  If a student leaves without a permit the absence will not be excused.


    How quickly do I need to clear an absence before it becomes a truancy mark?       

    48 hours.  Attendance records cannot be altered after 2 weeks.


    Aeries tracks your student’s attendance and is updated regularly by teachers every day.  Guardians will get an automatic phone call every afternoon for any/all class periods your student is marked absent for on that day.


    Whom do I talk to about my student’s truancy? 

    Contact your student’s Counselor or Assistant Principal


    For more information see the Red Book, pages 9 and 10.

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