• Burlingame High School - BHS Math Course Sequence - Pathways

        My student is taking Algebra 1 in the 8th grade.  What class will they take as a 9th grader at BHS? 

        • Geometry is the course that 9th graders should plan to take if they took Algebra 1 during Middle School.
        • Compressed Math 1 is an accelerated course that is another option for a 9th grader IF:
          • they take the Math Placement Exam at BHS on March 8, 2022 at 3:30pm
          • Registration for placement exam required....use this flyer for link  Burlingame 3/2 Math Flyer - SMUHSD
          • they have earned a STRONG A with NO tutor, and NO test retakes in 8th grade Algebra.
          • they can grasp concepts quickly and can move at a VERY fast pace. 

        What if my student joins the Compressed Math course and then decides it is too fast paced or difficult?

        • A student must decide this within the first 3 weeks of school.  Please note that after 6 weeks, any changes will result in a Drop F grade on the transcript, per Board Policy. 
        • Space to move to the Geometry course cannot be guaranteed if a student requests to leave the Compressed course. 

        My student is taking Geometry in the 8th grade.  What class will they take as a 9th grader at BHS?      

        • Algebra 2 is the course that 9th graders should plan to take if they took Geometry during Middle School.

        My student is taking Algebra 2 in the 8th grade.  What class will they take as a 9th grader at BHS?     

        • Pre Calculus

        Can I take a Course during the Summer in order to enroll in a more advanced course at BHS as a 9th grader?

        • We do not recommend summer courses for acceleration.  Please see the risks below.

        What are the risks of accelerating in math? 

        • We cannot guarantee students who take math out of our district are learning the materials needed to progress according to our curriculum. It is possible that out of district courses do not adequately prepare students for the next level. 
        • If a student accelerates over the summer, we cannot guarantee space in the next level desired course. We also cannot guarantee space in another course should you decide to not accelerate.
        • Students still need to complete 30 required math credits at BHS to graduate. Out-of-district courses will not be included on the BHS transcript.
        • Dropping out of any course after 6 weeks will result in a Drop F on your official transcript per SMUHSD Board Policy.

        If my student still chooses to take an outside course during the summer?  

        • Provide an official transcript with the name of the institution, course title, and grades demonstrating successful completion of the course to their counselor immediately following the completion of the course and before the start of the new school year. 
        • All courses must be taken at a WASC accredited school (in-person or online), and must be on the UC/CSU approved course provider list. Failure to do so may result in ineligibility for UC/CSU acceptance. 
        • Courses taken outside of our district will only be used for placement and will not be added to student’s SMUHSD transcripts.  

        Is there a placement test for acceleration?  

        • Yes, the Mathmatics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP) will be administered at Burlingame High School on March 8, 2022 for possible placement into the “3-in-2” Compressed Math Sequence Program.

        My student has been participating in the Russian School of Math.  Can this be used to place into a higher level course?

        • The RSM is a WASC-accredited school, but unfortunately it is not authorized through the UC/CSU system.  Therefore, we cannot accept coursework from the RSM since it would not count towards a student’s required courses for UC/CSU acceptance.