District Student Behavior and Outcomes

  • SMUHSD Suspension and Alternatives to Suspension for Ed. Code Violations

    Suspension from school means removal of a student from ongoing instruction for adjustment purpose. A principal or the principal’s designee may suspend a pupil from the school (not more than five consecutive school days) for any of the reasons in the Educational Code, Section 48900, upon a first offense if the principal or designee determines that the pupil violated Educational Code 48900, or that pupil’s presence causes a danger to persons or property, or threatens to disrupt the educational process. A student may be suspended or expelled for any of the acts listed below if the act is related to a school activity or occurs during school attendance occurring at any District school under the jurisdiction of the Superintendent or principal or within any other school District, including but not limited to the following circumstances:

    1. While on school grounds; 
    2. While going to or coming from school; 
    3. During the lunch period, whether on or off the school campus; 
    4. During, going to, or coming from a school-sponsored activity; and/or
    5. With a nexis or connection to the campus with impact on the school campus.


    SMUHSD Incident Statement Form: Students and staff may use this form to make statements for site admin and district admin access.