Burlingame High School Parents' Group

  • President’s Message

    Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!
    While this year will certainly be different, we remain steadfast in our commitment to support a connected BHS community. As the President of the BHS Parents Group, I commit to fostering a spirit of trust, inclusion and gratitude. I aim to drive impactful, streamlined communication to our parent community to maximize engagement.
    The endless passion demonstrated by our families, staff and administrators inspires me to re-imagine the BHS experience.
    I invite you to take an active role in your student’s life at Burlingame High School by joining our Parents Group meetings and activities, investing in our BHS community through our Excellence Fund, and staying informed through the newsletters.

    Looking forward to a memorable school year!

    Amy Johnstone - <amyjohnstone@gmail.com>
    President, BHS Parents Group

    BHS Parents Group - At a Glance

    Who We Are:
    The BHS Parents' Group is an active, all-volunteer parent group led by an executive board and supported by committees. Every current parent, guardian and staff member of BHS is automatically a member of the BHS Parents' Group.

    What We Do:

    • Facilitate communication between BHS administration and the parent community via meetings, weekly emails, and monthly newsletters
    • Fund programs and initiatives through the BHS Excellence Fund that enrich all BHS students’ educational experience, beyond what is possible with public funds.
    • Support school community building, by:
      • showing appreciation for teachers and staff
      • volunteering at events, and in the computer lab and library
      • coordinating graduation logistics including a grad night event
      • offering an informative parent education program

    What You Can Do:

    Stay informed:

    • Create your Aeries Account - view student grades, attendance, and more.
    • Sign-up for email at NewsAlerts OR emailing bhs_parents@smuhsd.org
    • Familiarize yourself with the New Family Resource Guide
    • Bookmark, subscribe, print or export our BHS Calendar - Look here for sports schedules, meetings, holidays and more

    Get involved:

    • Come to our meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the BHS library
    • Volunteer your time whenever it suits your schedule at our Parent Volunteer page