Reporting an Absence

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    During summer school, if a student experiences COVID symptoms or tests positive for COVID, they should stay home and their parent/guardian should fill out this Student Absence Form.

    If a student is feeling ill but doesn’t have COVID they should still complete the form. 

    Students also should contact their teacher via Canvas. The parent/guardian should contact  the summer school office (650-558-2398) or email to inform them of their student’s absence and the reason why they are absent. Summer school office staff will help enter the absence into Aeries. A parent/guardian is the only one who can call in if a student is sick. 

    On the days the students are absent from school, students should complete work for that day's class during the class time of 8:30 a.m. - 12:50 p.m. to get credit. If a student is too ill to complete the work on the day it is assigned, the work must be completed before the end of the Summer School Session in which the work was assigned. Work will be provided on Canvas and must be submitted directly to the teacher and not the summer school office.

    If taking an over the counter rapid test or PCR, students and staff should upload their test results to Primary Health. You need to register in Primary Health for the 21-22 school year prior to uploading.