BHS Vision, Mission & Student Learning Outcomes

    • Our Vision 
      Building a Connected, Engaged, and Caring Community 

      Our Mission: The Panther Promise
      Burlingame High School will nurture a collaborative and responsive learning environment that supports all students in developing the social-emotional and critical thinking skills necessary to meet their academic and personal goals. 

      Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

      For their enrichment as individuals and as learners, Burlingame High School students

      • Think independently and solve problems creatively
      • Reflect on their learning in order to nurture a growth mindset
      • Pursue passions within and beyond the classroom
      • Respond to changing learning demands with resourcefulness and resilience
      • Act with integrity and empathy

      For their enrichment as members of a global community, Burlingame High School students

      • Use communication and research skills to be agents of change
      • Recognize and respect diverse points of view and life experiences
      • Contribute to their community in meaningful ways