Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • Vision Statement

    Mills students embrace learning for growth. They use the power of creativity, collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking to make a positive impact on our world. 

    Mission Statement

    Mills High School provides a safe, vibrant and inclusive learning environment that promotes equitable opportunities for all students to achieve academic goals while giving them the tools and resources to access personal growth, well-being and balance. 

    Schoolwide Learning Outcomes - Our students are EPIC:

    1. Effective Communicators and Collaborators.
    2. Positive contributors to the community 
    3. Individuals that are healthy, self-reliant and responsible.
    4. Critical Problem Solvers and Creative Thinkers

    Mills High School-Wide Goals:

    1. Ensure rigorous and relevant teaching and learning for all students aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and 21st Century skills (CCR), foster teacher and staff professional development, and systematically use data to monitor student progress.
    2. All students will receive appropriate, equitable instruction, supports and interventions to reach academic proficiency and achieve graduation success and A-G readiness.
    3. All students will receive appropriate supports for their well-being and social-emotional health in a community that welcomes diverse cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

    In our diversity is our strength!

    Vikings are EPIC table

    In our diversity is our strength!