School Policy for Reporting Absences

  • School Policy for Reporting Absences

    ATTENDANCE OFFICE HOURS – 8:00 am-4:00pm              
    MAIN BUILDING – Student Services



    To clear absences:

    Parents/guardians must report all student attendance matters online: or call the Attendance Office (650-558-2910) by 10:00 am on the day of an absence to notify the school of a student’s absence. Please note that parents/guardians may not clear absences after 48 hours per California Education Code.


    Permission to leave:

    Students are required to get a permit to leave from the Attendance Office in order to leave campus.  Students who leave campus without a permit will receive a permanent cut/truancy. Students will not be issued a permit to leave after the fact if they forget to check out at the Attendance Office. To excuse the student to leave school during the day, to excuse a student’s late arrival, or to excuse a student for the whole day the parent/guardian must fill out the Absence Reporting Form found here: