AHS Staff & Students Rights & Responsibilities

  • The Board of Trustees and the Administration recognize their responsibility to provide a school environment conducive to learning for students and staff. The following rights and responsibilities are necessary to provide such an environment.

    Rights and Responsibilities of Students

    Students in the District shall have the right to a public education in an orderly school environment. They shall have the right to be informed of school rules and procedures and to due process in any disciplinary actions.

    Students shall be responsible for participating in educational programs, completing classroom and at home assignments, attending classes regularly and on time, knowing and obeying school rules and procedures, respecting the rights of other students and school personnel, and being prepared for class with appropriate materials and work.

    Rights and Responsibilities of Parents/Guardians

    Parents shall have the right to be informed of District policies and school rules for expected student behavior and procedures for dealing with infractions; to be informed of significant school actions taken in regard to their students; and to inspect their student’s records with the assistance of an appropriate staff member as determined by the administrator.

    Parents shall have the responsibility to communicate regularly with school staff about the academic and behavioral progress of their students; to ensure that their students have sufficient sleep, adequate nutrition as well as appropriate and safe clothing for school; to support the school by maintaining adequate and consistent control over their students; to ensure regular and prompt school attendance; and to be familiar with District and school policies and procedures.

    Rights and Responsibilities of Teachers

    Teaching staff shall have the right to expect students to behave in a manner which will not interfere with the learning of other students; to expect students to put forth their best efforts and participate in the learning process; to expect parental/custodial support related to the academic and social progress of their children; and to expect administrative support in disciplinary actions which are congruent with District policies and procedures.

    The teaching staff shall have the responsibility to communicate effectively and regularly with parents about the academic progress, citizenship, and general behavior of their children; to conduct a well-planned and effective classroom program; and to initiate and enforce classroom policies and procedures which are consistent with District and school policies, rules, and procedures.

    Rights and Responsibilities of Administrators

    Administrators shall have the right to hold students accountable for their conduct at school and in transit to and from school; to take appropriate action in dealing with students’ misconduct; and to assign detention, suspension, transfer, or recommendations for expulsion of students as warranted.

    Administrators shall have the responsibility to provide leadership that will establish, encourage, and promote effective teaching and learning; to establish, publicize, and enforce school rules that facilitate effective learning as well as promote attitudes and habits of good citizenship among the students; to assist in resolving instructional, behavioral, emotional, health, or attendance problems among students; to investigate all written allegations of harassment or discrimination; and to report to law enforcement possible violations of criminal law.