2022-23 Districtwide Dual Enrollment Opportunities

  • The following courses are open to all SMUHSD students. These classes are offered as part of an exciting partnership that we have with the San Mateo Community College District and Skyline College. Students can receive both high school and college credits for dual enrollment coursework.

    Skyline Fall Dual Enrollment Offerings Evening, Late-Start, and In-Person @ Mills HS.

    Introduction to Business BUS 100

    Gateway to Health Care Careers HSCI 180


    Fall 2022 College of San Mateo (CSM) Fall Online Asynchronous Dual Enrollment Opportunities

    CSM PSY310

    Positive Psychology PSYC 310

    Introduces positive psychology, the scientific study of human strengths, well-being and happiness. Surveys the research, theories, and ideas about human health and happiness. Students will explore topics in the field of positive psychology including but not limited to wellness, optimism, flow, happiness, and positive thinking.


    Skyline Spring Dual Enrollment Course Offerings (In-Person @ Mills HS):

    Business 161 Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship:

    Emphasis on creativity and innovation as a strategic process. Including the role of risk-taking in entrepreneurship, opportunities that lead to successful business ventures and the examination of personality traits of successful entrepreneurs. For potential or present entrepreneurs with no prior business experience.

    TBD--HSCI 180 “Gateway to Health Careers”: 

    Introduction of skills, attributes and basic knowledge required for entry into various health care professions. Includes basic assessment, CPR, and math calculations used in health care. Emphasis on providing a foundation for future health career classes. Transfer Credit: CSU (CSU GE Area D), UC

    College of San Mateo (CSM) Spring ONLINE Dual Enrollment Course Offerings:

    Personal Financial Planning ACTG 119:

    This course provides an overview of financial literacy, terminology, concepts and practices of personal finance. Students will learn how to navigate the financial decisions they must face and to make informed decisions related to career exploration, financial planning, budgeting, banking, credit, insurance, spending, taxes, saving, investing, buying/leasing a vehicle, living independently, and inheritance.