SMUHSD wants to invest in Classified Employees

  • SMUHSD recognizes the amazing teaching potential of our classified employees! The Classified to Teacher program will provide tuition assistance or living stipends to current SMUHSD classified employees to earn a bachelor's degree and enter a teacher preparation program, or if they already have a bachelor's degree, enter a teacher preparation program to earn their teaching credential.

    Who can participate?

    Current classified employees of SMUSHD who have an AA/ AS degree (or equivalent to two years of college) or higher degree are eligible for this program.


    Degree Completion to Teacher Credential

    If you have two years of college or an AA/ AS degree, you would enter the degree completion program, and then a teacher preparation program.

    Teacher Credential Program

    If you have a bachelor's degree, you would be eligible for one of the following

    1. Teacher residency program

    2. Internship program

    3. A traditional teacher preparation program

    Supports Available

    • $4,200 a year in tuition reimbursement or living stipends, depending on the program.

    • .CSEA members are also eligible for tuition and course materials reimbursements for one course each semester.

    • Assistance with program placement advisement, applications, and enrollment.

    • Community events to connect participants with additional support and resources.

    Contact Sabbie Hopkins at with questions.

  • Classified to Teacher Program