cover of MLA 9th Ed handbook


    MLA 9 requires researchers to locate the same “core elements” from their sources and place them in a standard order in order to create their citations.

    The “Core Elements” of an MLA 9 citation, along with their corresponding punctuation marks,  include the following (in this order):

    1. Authors.

    2. Title of the source.

    3. Title of container,

    4. Other contributors,

    5. Version,

    6. Numbers,

    7. Publisher,

    8. Publication date,

    9. Location.

    The appropriate punctuation mark will follow each core element, unless it is the final piece.  In this case, the punctuation mark would be a period.


    For a complete guide on how to cite sources using the revised MLA 9th Edition, click on this link:  Skyline MLA Lib Guide 


    OWL Purdue MLA Citation Guide

    Use OWL Purdue as another helpful resource on how to format papers and create a proper Works Cited in MLA format. ​