Julia Kempkey

  • Julia KempkeyMy name is Julia Kempkey and I am a member of the Instructional Leadership Team and also serve as the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction.

    I started as a middle school teacher for students with IEPs and learned so much on how a teacher’s expectation can impact students' perception of self and their potential. From there, I moved to Napa and taught Political Studies at New Technology High School. When I learned the power of student voice and choice. After several years of teaching, I took my first role as an administrator and became an assistant principal at Novato High School. It was here that I learned how the tracking of students into courses resulted in de facto segregation.

    As a teacher, I did not see the larger view of the school and this move was very impactful for me. From there, I vowed to be a leader who reimagined and redesigned systems in a way that ensured students were not separated based on race, income or other factors. After spending a few years as a site administrator, I moved to the district office and had great opportunities to lead at a greater level.

    After eight years in Novato, I moved with my family to San Mateo to take on the next big adventure in the role of Assistant Superintendent. I have been so inspired by working in a district that serves a wide diversity of students and having this opportunity to enhance our systems in a way that will serve all students equitably. I believe that the collective efforts of our Instructional Lead has the potential to support our transformation as a learning community into a place where all students can find and reach their full potential. I am excited to be part of team that is tethered to day-to-day challenges and work of teachers while having some release time to identify realistic as well as innovative ways to transform our schools as well as the larger district community into a place where all students, staff and families feel a sense of belonging and thrive.

    Our goals include creating an instructional framework, supporting professional learning and learning about the teaching and learning in the district.