Spotlight on Student Learning

  • Drawing of a Spotlight with text: Spotlight on Student Learning

    January 26: 1st Semester Highlights 

    At its January 26 meeting, the Board heard a report on 1st Semester Highlights. While the list doesn’t include all District accomplishments since the start of the school year, it does serve as a snapshot of some of the highlights made possible through hard work and collaboration with students, their families, our educators and community partners. Read the full list of accomplishments; view the slide deck or watch the presentation to learn more.  

    January 12: Capuchino Pre-IB Math 3 Pilot Course

    At the January 12 Board Meeting staff from Capuchino High School shared a Spotlight on Student Learning on the school's Pre-IB Math 3 Pilot Course. During the 2020 - 2021 school year, the math teachers at Capuchino discussed how they could create a more equitable and effective math program for their students upon returning to in-person instruction.

    As an International Baccalaureate (IB) school, Capuchino had long discussed the idea of moving toward an integrated math curriculum to be in line with the international norm. At the Board meeting staff shared the rationale for this new math pathway along with a new set of instructional practices.

    Learn more by reading the full report and watching the recording of the presentation.

    November 17: Instructional Leadership Initiative

    At its November 17 meeting, the Board heard a report from Superintendent Booker on an Instructional Leadership Initiative aimed at disrupting predictable student outcomes (as disaggregated by race, gender and/or socio-economic status) in the following (but not limited to) areas:

    • Graduation Rates
    • CAASPP Performance
    • EL Proficiency Progress
    • Discipline
    • UC A-G Eligibility
    • Attendance
    • Panorama Survey Data

    By establishing a culture of “Instructional Leaders” among our Principals and Assistant Principals we will prioritize best-practice classroom instruction strategies that specifically target the needs/issues that are driving our predictable student performance outcome trends. The initiative outlines: expectation, time, training and accountability measures to make this possible. Read the full report or watch the presentation to learn more. 

    October 13: Student Discipline and Attendance

    At its October 13 meeting, staff shared a Spotlight on Student Learning on student discipline and attendance data. The report highlighted successes, areas for growth, surprises and plans for looking ahead including the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had in these areas. Staff also shared information on behavioral supports that aid in student success. Read the full report or watch the presentation


    September 29: CAASPP, CAST and Students on Track for Graduation

    At their September 29 meeting the Board heard a Spotlight on Student Learning highlighting academic progress on the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP test); the California Science Test (CAST); and data around students who are on track for graduation. The report included successes, areas for growth and current strategies to intervene or improve student results. Watch the report