February 12, 2023

  • Good evening, Dons,

    We had a very busy week last week - so many celebrations!!
    Varsity Girls Soccer + Senior Night: the girls clinched FIRST PLACE in League with an undefeated record of 10-0-0 and are preparing for CCS.  [Our Girls’ JV team finished with the same record!!]
    Varsity Boys Soccer + Senior Night: the boys clinched FIRST PLACE in League with an undefeated record of 5-0-5 and are preparing for CCS.
    Varsity Boys Basketball + Senior Night: the boys finished 5th in league with a 7-5 record
    Varsity Girls Basketball + Senior Night: the girls finished 5th in league with a 6-6 record
    Varsity Wrestling is currently tied with Woodside for 4th in league play with a record of 3-3-0.  Two wrestlers participated in CCS Northern Regionals on Saturday: Anderson Wong & Evan Louie; CCS Final Seeding will take place on Monday, February 13th.  More information is coming soon!

    A quick note about CCS:

    • We will have information after seeding meetings happen later this week

      • Basketball: Wednesday, February 15 @ noon

      • Soccer: Thursday, February 16 (Girls @ 2pm; Boys @ 5pm)

    This past Saturday evening, we hosted the Winter Formal @ The Fox Theatre RWC: A Night in New York.  We had 747 students and guests in attendance, and the only major dramatic incident was a broken shoe :)  Most students remained on the dance floor until the last song and a push from security to clear the space at 10pm.  Ms. Heather Stretch and the Aragon Leadership students did stellar job with the event - kids left smiley and happy.  Looking forward to Prom!

    PTSO SPONSORS A MEET & GREET with Superintendent Booker & Principal Arbizu:
    Join us this coming WEDNESDAY, February 15th, in the Aragon High School Library to get to know SMUHSD Superintendent Randall Booker and AHS Principal Valerie Arbizu a bit better!  We will begin at 7:00pm - hope to see you there!

    We are currently experiencing a bit of a COVID surge at Aragon.  While I understand that it is both inconvenient and frustrating to work through our COVID+ Health Protocols, PLEASE notify the school and keep your student home if they test positive.  Our stay-home requirements are not a punishment for ill students: they help keep the campus community as healthy as possible.

    Spirit Week:

    Valentine's Day is this week, and our Leadership Students are ready to award Spirit Points to students who participate!!  Principal Arbizu is challenging students in the Freshman Class of 2026 to 'TWIN' with her on Wednesday with their new class gear :)









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