• All students will be enrolled in a minimum of six classes (or thirty units of credit) each semester (or, in their senior year, five classes). Exceptions will be made through administrative approval, including the IEP process.

    Students are responsible for all assignments they have missed. They are to complete those assignments within the same number of days that they have been absent.  Teachers will issue Report Card grades to all students at the end of each six-week grading period.

    Students at comprehensive high schools who fail to maintain a 2.0 grade point average or fail to pass a minimum of twenty-five (25) credits with no more than one “F” on their report card will be placed on academic probation and will be ineligible to participate in athletics & extra-curricular activities during the following six-week grading period. Extracurricular activities include but are not limited to spirit squad, student government programs, and drama/music/dance productions. Students will also be ineligible for a work permit.

    Students who are continually placed on academic probation are not benefiting from a comprehensive high school program. They will explore opportunities for placement in an alternative educational program with their counselor.