Counseling Philosophy

  • The ELD counselor aims to support all newcomer students to meet SMHS graduation requirements and access support necessary to thrive in high school, understand all of their options in and outside of school, and prepare for post-secondary goals.  

ELD commitments

  • In addition to the San Mateo High School Counseling Commitments, all ELD students will receive the following supports that are unique to ELD students:

    1. Review of high school graduation progress
    2. Curriculum and understanding of post-secondary options, including Community College, Adult School, Military,  and Trade Schools
    3. Career Interest Profiler to deepen understanding of career opportunities and potential career fits using “California Colleges”
    4. Understanding of laws and policies that impact student achievement
    5. Information about California Driver’s and ID’s

Coming up!

  • Tier 1 classroom presentations: January 23rd - February 1st.

    Programming Presentation and Registration: February 6th - 12th.

Contact Us

  • Alex Chavez
    Counselor for (E.L.D.)  1-3
    Grades 9-12
    (650) 558-2317