English for Multilingual Learners

  • English for Multilingual Learners (ML): 

    ML English (I, II, III) - (Newcomer Program)

    Grades: 9-12

    Duration: Year 

    Credits: 10 elective credits, I-II do not meet UC/CSU “a-g”; III UC/CSU “a-g” Subject Area: b

    Prerequisites: Any Multilingual Learner with less that 6 years of education in the USA will be assessed for language proficiency to determine if an ELD placement is appropriate.

    This course develops academic English, grammar and language to provide full access, engage with, and achieve in academic content, with particular alignment to the knowledge, skills, and abilities for achieving college and career readiness described in the Common Core State Standards for ELA. With a focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking students will progress in demonstrating language proficiency aligned with English in the Standard Program.