Library Policies

  • (For the library program, the Ideal Library Noise Level Range: Quiet-Collaborative)


    Student Expectations:

    To reduce distractions

    • must use earphones with their phones and computers when listening to audio (Outside audio is distracting to other people around them)
    • must not take cell phone calls in the library (Library Storage Room or outside)

    • must not yell in the library

    To create a safe space

    • must walk not run in the library

    • must not throw things in the library

    • must not rough house in the library

    • must not use hate speech and gratuitous profanity

    • must not sit in pathways (emergency exits)

    • must not walk through the Librarian Area

    To keep a clean space

    • must respect the library furniture and space

    • must throw away trash

    • must tuck chairs in 

    To keep a shared space/commons

    • must ask for permission to use the TV equipment

    • must ask permission from a teacher/librarian to use the library storage room

    • must ask permission to use the color printer

    • must return office supplies/tools to the Librarian Area

    Library Storage Area

    • Ask permission to use the space from the Librarian/Teacher 

    • Clean up after yourselves 

    • Counter Next to Sink Must be Cleared-Off and Cleaned Before Leaving

    • Table Must Be Cleared Off and Cleaned Before Leaving

    • Sink Must be Clean

    • Close Door and Turn off lights


    School Materials Norms

    Computer Lab Use:

    • May use charging cables or power outlets to charge chromebooks

    • May use desktops for printing or studying

    Library Book Borrowing:

    • Students can check out library books from the Librarian using their ID or ID number


    • Students return library books to the return box in the library

    • Students can check out books for up to a month

    • No late fees, but if a book is lost there will be a replacement fee

    Chromebooks Borrowing

    • Students can check out/return loaner chromebooks from the library/bookroom

    • Students are responsible for returning their loaner computers at the end of day

    • Students may make exchanges for charged chromebooks

    • Students must report damages

    • Students must return chromebooks clean of dirt


    Textbook/Literature Borrowing

    • Students must check-out textbooks/literature when the book room is open

    • Students must return textbooks/literature to Textbook Chromebox outside Bookroom or to the Librarian when she is in the Bookroom

    • Students can check their account using Destiny