Textbook Policy

  • Textbook Policy:

    Textbooks are signed out to students in each class and become the responsibility of the student.  Some classes will hold a class set of books in the classroom so that students may leave their own book at home.  Students are financially liable for any damage to books or materials.  Any student not returning textbooks or other materials will be charged replacement costs.  Final report cards, transcripts, or diplomas will not be issued to any student with outstanding books or other debts.  Fines and bills are paid to the Site Accounting Technician.  Pay online.

    • You may check out a textbook with your ID or ID number

    • If you notice a problem with a textbook when it is checked out to you, let Ms. Cybil know right away.

    • You are not to write, underline, or highlight textbooks, including novels checked out for English classes (please use sticky notes). If you do, the book is considered damaged and you will be charged a damaged/replacement fee. 

    • Sticky notes must be removed carefully before books are returned, or you will be charged a $5.00 fee. 

    • All textbooks and materials checked out to you must be returned in good, usable condition, with the barcode still attached to the book or material 

    • If a textbook or material checked out to you is lost or damaged, the student is required to pay all costs.

    Seniors will not be given their Mills High School diplomas until all textbooks have been returned or paid for.


    Chromebook Policy:

    • Chromebooks are signed out to students at the beginning of their freshman year and become the responsibility of the student.
    • Only one chromebook is allowed per student.
    • Loaner chromebooks must be returned the same day they were checked out
    • If a Chromebook is damaged or lost, a student may be financially responsible.