Capuchino Library Materials Selection Policy

  • Selection Organization

    The Teacher Librarian has primary responsibility for selection of materials with input and assistance from Department Heads, teachers, staff and students.  Materials are selected based on a variety of criteria related to standards, curriculum, students’ interests and abilities.

    Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in selection of materials, recommending items that support curriculum in their areas of expertise.

    Criteria for Selection

    Non-Fiction materials are selected according to the following:

    • supports state standards and district curriculum
    • supports special curricular projects within standards
    • is accessible to students at various levels of understanding
    • is factual, timely, accurate information
    • has artistic and/or literary merit to the curriculum
    • represents a variety of viewpoints on pertinent topics

    Fiction Materials

    • content and subject matter appropriate to student population
    • is of interest to young adult readers
    • has literary/artistic value
    • is in support of standards and district curriculum
    • in a variety of reading levels and difficulty

    Selection Tools

    Materials are selected according to

    • teacher request/recommendation
    • book reviews, resource reviews in professional journals
    • publishers catalogs
    • recommendations of other librarians
    • lists of recommended resources
    • lists from professional organizations
    • Materials Format

    Materials Format

    Materials and resources are selected in the most appropriate format for library use which can include hard copy cover, paperback copy and electronic format.

    De-selection of Materials

    Materials will be removed from the collection using the following guidelines:

    • contains obsolete or inaccurate information
    • publication date older than 10 years--history/social science
    • publication date older than 5 years--science, medicine, health
    • materials no longer support curriculum
    • material has been superseded by newer edition
    • material condition is poor
    • multiple copies of a book no longer needed
    • material is worn, damaged, no longer appealing in appearance
    • better quality materials are available on the same subject
    • material has not been circulated in over 7 years

    Withdrawn materials will be disposed of in the following ways:

    • offered to teachers and staff for classroom use
    • offered to teachers and staff for personal use
    • offered to students when appropriate
    • recycled in appropriate manner
    • donated to non-profit organization as approved by the District