• Create a New Club

    If at anytime in the year you want to create your own club to enrich Hillsdale's community, here's how to do it!

    1. Gather a minimum of 10 friends who are interested in creating a club with you.
    2. Talk to your teachers and find one who would serve as your Club Advisor.  Club Advisors are necessary to clubs as they serve to monitor and help the club they are involved with.  
    3. Go to the Armory (First door on the left in the Florence hallway, across from Room 210) and ask Mrs. Donegan for a Club Charter.
    4. As a group, you and your friends will fill out the Club Charter with all necessary information.  NOTE: the ASB signature will be filled in after you have submitted the form
    5. Return the completed Club Charter to Mrs. Donegan in the Armory (hard copy and electronic)
    6. Once your club has been approved, you will be contacted!