Textbook Policies

  • Checking Books Out
    Students will need to use their student identification to check out books. 
    It is always a good idea for students to write their names in the space provided in the front of textbooks and novel checked out from the school.

    Student Responsibility
    Students are responsible for the care of the books checked out to them. 
    In the event that books sustain damage, students will be charged to repair or replace the book (depending on the amount of damage).

    Checking Books In
    Students should take care to check in the books that have been checked out in their name.  It is common for students to accidentally switch books with another student and turn in the other student's book at the end of the year.  Please remember that students are responsible for the books that are checked out to them - returning "any book" is not the same as returning the book that you checked out!

    Students must return all books and pay all fines before they may participate in the following:

    • Panther Prep Days
    • Senior Week Activities
    • Graduation Ceremony

    Overdue Email Notices

    Automatic overdue emails listed under TEXTBOOK FINES are simply a reminder to turn in the books if you are finished with them. The "price" is what it costs to replace the novel if it is lost, NOT an overdue fine. It's okay to keep novels if you are still using them, but do not start a collection in your bed or in your car! You may be restricted from checking out more books until past ones are returned or paid for, if lost.

    The school reserves the right to withhold transcripts until all books are returned and all fines have been paid.  This includes sending transcripts to schools that students transfer to or to universities after students have completed their graduation requirements.