Aragon Music

  • Aragon music students feel a sense of pride in the program and their accomplishments. Aragon students are here because they that want to be here to make music with other interested students. They want to accomplish something at a high level of excellence and in the process they are able develop lasting friendships and have fun!

    The music program at Aragon appeals to students of varying abilities where everyone is welcome and appreciated. You might be a beginning student who is just starting in music or you might be someone who was involved in music in the past, stopped and would now like to pursue your passion again. Perhaps you are already an advanced player or singer who would like the opportunity to perform top high school and collegiate level literature in a professional performance setting. The Aragon music department is a place that works with everyone to help make their dreams a reality. We believe you will remember your time with the music department fondly for your entire life.

    The Jazz and Band programs are led by Mr. Kevin Gallagher. The Orchestra and Choral programs are led by Mr. John Chen. 


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