Senior Portraits

  • It is time to schedule your Senior Photos!!
    Prestige Studio is open Tuesday-Saturday until January 2023.
    2023 Seniors will need to select a studio location, confirm their school and choose a session using the link below.
    There are no phones in the studio, so the link is the only way to schedule.
    Please schedule an appointment at: Prestige Portraits Self-Scheduling Link
    After clicking the link:  
    1. Create an account by entering a user name and password (or log in if you already have an account)
    2. Click on Book Appointment button
    3. Select the Prestige Location using select button on the right (San Carlos and San Jose are on page 2)
    4. Enter your school's name and locate your school on the list
    5. Select Session Option by checking the box on the right of the session you desire
    6. Confirm the Selection
    7. Select a Date and Time that work best
    8. Enter Parent/Guardian Information
    9. Enter Student Information
    10. Finalize Appointment (you should be able to see confirmation page and email)